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Kantabile Afrika, Cherero Camp

Serengeti, Tanzania

Experience the essence of Kantabile, meaning “singable” or “songlike”, in the heart of the Serengeti at Cherero Camp. Nestled amidst the untouched wilderness of Kantabile Africa, this exquisite camp offers the perfect amalgamation of harmony, flow, and balance. In line with the concept of ‘cantando’, we encourage our guests to surrender to the measured tempo of nature, yet relish the flexibility of their unique journey.

Indulge in our luxurious offering, where no detail is overlooked. At Cherero Camp, we weave together the essential elements of a luxurious stay: rich furnishings and decor, world-class service, delectable cuisine, and a sense of oneness with nature. The Tanzanian team’s warm hospitality becomes the perfect accompaniment to your wilderness adventure, forming cherished memories that you’ll fondly recall for years to come.

The spacious tented suites at Cherero Camp echo the song of the Serengeti, combining ample room for relaxation and an immediate connection to your stunning surroundings. Each canvas tent encompasses 50 square meters of interior living space. The sleeping area, complete with a king or twin beds, flows into a separate lounge, adorned with locally-inspired décor, and a generous en-suite bathroom. An expansive private veranda invites the nature theatre to your doorstep, allowing you to immerse in the sights and sounds of the Serengeti right from your suite.

Cherero Camp aligns with the ethos of Kantabile Afrika, creating an unassuming home in the wild. It provides a space that allows the conscious traveller to pause and reflect, to engage in meaningful dialogues about luxury and necessities. We invite you to listen to the whispers of the wind, the song of the birds, and the rustling of grass instead of the hum of modern conveniences. Begin your regenerative travel journey with us at Cherero Camp and redefine your understanding of luxury and comfort.

Strategically situated in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, en route to the Western Corridor, Cherero Camp provides front-row access to the area’s diverse wildlife. From your private verandah, witness the wildebeest migration, the dance of African lovebirds, or simply gaze at the mesmerising sunsets. Our location, combined with bespoke excursions, ensures an enriching wildlife experience far removed from the crowds.

Cherero Camp is a testament to the Kantabile spirit of harmonious living, seamlessly merging luxury with sustainability. Here, you’ll connect with the raw beauty of the Serengeti while ensuring minimal impact on the natural ecosystem. Your stay at Cherero Camp not only promises unparalleled luxury but also contributes to local communities, making your journey more rewarding.

From the comforts of your king-sized bed to the majestic views of the African savannah, your stay at Cherero Camp will be a symphony of memorable experiences. Join us in the song of the wild and embrace the true essence of luxury amid nature at Cherero Camp, Kantabile Afrika.





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