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Crafting Sustainable Luxury Getaways: The Artistry of The Escape Artist Aspect

Embark on a transformative journey with Kristie, Conde Nast’s Top Travel Specialist 2023 and the creative force behind The Escape Artist Aspect, a boutique travel design service specializing in manifesting dream getaways. Kristie crafts your travel experiences as an artist would a masterpiece—meticulously curating each detail, whether it’s a private, moonlit picnic on a far-flung beach or selecting a rare vintage for you to savor as the sun melts into the horizon.

What elevates Kristie’s work beyond mere luxury is her unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical travel. In a world grappling with environmental and cultural preservation, she ensures that the money spent on your adventure not only fuels your personal joy but also actively contributes to organisations and activities that nourish local communities and the planet.

Kristie’s approach is artfully orchestrated into a three-step process: Dream, Design, and Discover. She starts by carefully listening to your travel aspirations, sifting through your dreams and wishes to fully understand your unique tastes and preferences. This segues into a meticulous design stage where Kristie, equipped with an extensive network of industry contacts and exclusive access, tailors an experience that aligns perfectly with your expectations. Finally, the Discovery phase unfurls, where you venture forth into a world rendered just for you, with every single nuance taken care of.

But Kristie is not just a planner; she’s a seasoned travel educator. Her own global adventures —from backpacking across multiple continents to immersing herself in diverse cultures—has instilled in her invaluable insights. Kristie thrives on sharing these pearls of wisdom through travel itineraries enriched with educational elements, aiming to transform each journey into a deeply meaningful encounter with new landscapes, cultures, and communities.

Sustainability is not merely a buzzword for Kristie; it’s the beating heart of her business model. From her reusable bamboo business cards to her stringent criteria for eco-friendly vendors, every aspect of her operations exudes a commitment to sustainable luxury. She even elevates this commitment by donating a portion of booking fees to vetted, ethical organisations focused on meaningful global causes. In addition, she tirelessly educates her clientele on sustainable travel practices through various channels, aiming to cultivate a community of responsible, conscientious travellers.

Kristie believes in the transformative power of travel—it’s a tool that broadens minds, fosters relationships, and enriches the soul. In her adept hands, your travels transcend being mere ‘escapes’ to become a tapestry of unforgettable ‘wow’ moments, each woven in harmony with the world you’re exploring and the legacy you wish to leave.

If you seek more than just another trip—if you yearn for a journey that’s intensely personalised, ethically designed, and utterly enriching—then it’s time you acquainted yourself with The Escape Artist. With Kristie, your dreams aren’t just goals; they are the starting points for experiences that enrich your life in ways you can’t yet imagine. Welcome to a world of boundless possibilities, crafted meticulously by one of the industry’s most acclaimed specialists. Welcome to The Escape Artist. Where will your dreams take you?



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