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Nestled within the lush hills of San Gimignano, Tuscany, Vegan Agrivilla I Pini stands as a timeless sanctuary for seekers of rejuvenation and inspiration. This historic agrivilla, which has welcomed countless pilgrims along the Via Francigena over centuries, is a testament to environmental consciousness and respect for the land. Its soul is deeply rooted in Tuscan culture and bioregion, making it the ideal destination for travellers who yearn to connect with nature’s raw power.

Sprawling across the property are 11 exquisite lodgings, each thoughtfully designed to embody sustainable luxury. Following a comprehensive renovation in 2018, the rooms feature walls infused with a unique blend of clay, hemp, and rice husks. Vintage furniture and hand-sewn linens complement the rooms’ ambiance, creating a harmonious space where guests can unwind and connect with the essence of Tuscany. These accommodations offer not just shelter but an intimate experience of the land’s enduring traditions.

At the heart of Vegan Agrivilla I Pini is the Edible Food Forest, a testament to the agrivilla’s commitment to regenerative farming and harmony with nature’s rhythm. In this verdant space, guests can immerse themselves in the bounty of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs, all cultivated in sync with lunar cycles. It’s here that the agrivilla’s culinary philosophy takes root, nourishing both the body and soul.

The Vegan Farm Restaurant is where this philosophy comes to life. Crafted from garden-fresh produce, the restaurant’s meals are a symphony of Tuscan culinary traditions and contemporary vegan creativity. Guests can savour delectable dishes that celebrate the region’s rich gastronomic heritage while enjoying the breathtaking backdrop of a setting Tuscan sun. The multi-sensory experience is further elevated by the delicate hum of bees and butterflies that keep the agrivilla’s life cycle turning.

Vegan Agrivilla I Pini proudly bears the HORTUS seal of quality, underscoring its dedication to sustainability, seasonality, organic origins, veganism, and handcrafted treasures. This emblem of reverence reflects in every corner of the agrivilla, from the Edible Food Forest to the meticulously crafted meals, weaving a tapestry of Tuscan traditions that guests can experience firsthand.

Beyond the agrivilla’s borders, the medieval streets of San Gimignano, Florence, and Siena beckon with their art and history. Guests can explore the architectural wonders and immerse themselves in the stories of these ancient towns. The thermal baths nearby provide an opportunity for relaxation and restoration, while the Via Francigena serves as a constant reminder of the agrivilla’s sacred duty to offer solace to weary souls.

The historic vineyards at I Pini, spanning over 12 acres with vines aged over half a century, continue to be an ode to the land’s pristine heritage. The olive groves, too, have painted the landscape with hues of silver for centuries. Every October, guests are invited to partake in the legacy of olive harvesting, watching the transformation of olives into luscious olive oil. These age-old processes are a testament to nature’s wisdom and a tradition that Vegan Agrivilla I Pini honours with each passing season.

At Vegan Agrivilla I Pini, the spirit of Tuscany comes alive, offering an awakening to all who step through its gates. It’s not just a stay; it’s a journey into the heart of a timeless embrace, soothing souls and regaling senses. Welcome home.




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