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Pura Vida Adventure Retreat
Nights | 5th – 15th December 2023 | Costa Rica
Price: Starting at £4500

Unlock the ‘Pure Life: The Balance, The Beauty, The ‘Pura Vida

In the heart of Costa Rica’s lush landscapes, where the spirit of ‘Pura Vida’ thrives, awaits a retreat experience like no other—a meticulously designed blend of thrilling group adventures and soul-soothing solitary reflection. Imagine yourself zip-lining through towering trees, your adrenaline soaring just as high as you, and grounding that invigoration with sunset yoga sessions that offer a tranquil counterpoint. This isn’t just a retreat; it’s a masterful symphony of experiences designed to awaken all your senses and bring you into the present moment.

Your accommodations serve as serene sanctuaries set amidst awe-inspiring natural beauty, from a luxurious villa nestled in a lush forest to beachside havens that kiss the edges of the jungle. It’s nature in its purest form, offering not just spectacular sights and sounds but also a deeply calming and healing environment. As you surf on sparkling waves or sit in meditative contemplation, the raw majesty of your surroundings will reinforce your journey of internal and external exploration.

Yet, what sets this retreat apart is its soul—a commitment to the Costa Rican philosophy of ‘Pura Vida.’ You’ll learn to relish simplicity and cultivate optimism as we venture into the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the world’s five Blue Zones, known for its residents’ remarkable longevity and happiness. Expect an unexpected, heartwarming surprise there that will forever etch this land and its life philosophy onto your soul.

So, come for the adventure, but stay for the transformation. It’s not just about the activities you’ll do but also the person you’ll become—a harmonious blend of excitement and serenity, deeply connected to the world and yourself.

Meet You Hostess, Kristie

My name is Kristie and I am the founder of The Escape Artist: A bespoke travel design service that helps you to travel deeper through local culture, curated accommodation and unique experiences.

Both an experienced luxury Travel Designer and worldwide traveller, I’ve explored the world from Cambodia to Colombia, curating all kinds of experiences for myself and my clients, from luxurious escapes from space and time to intrepid adventures that inspire long-lasting change.

I am also deeply passionate about self-development, wellness, and finding true happiness and fulfilment in life, and I strongly believe that travel can be one of our most outstanding teachers in these areas. Nothing is more transformative than exploring and understanding this incredible world and, consequently, ourselves on a deeper level. 

After making many bold moves myself to create the life of my dreams, I love to inspire others to take daring leaps towards their goals. I am, therefore, also an accredited coach with the AC, and I love to use these skills to help others discover their blocks, patterns, and, most importantly, their power over their lives.

The Journey

Introduction: A warm arrival 

5th December

Flights can be tiring, right? So rather than heading straight off to our first stop, we’ll gather together for one night in a unique hillside hideaway in the San Jose area.

By night, we’ll get to know each other over a casual dinner. In the morning, we’ll wake up in comfort and tranquility, slowly acclimatising ourselves to this peaceful side of Costa Rica before we head off into the tropical forest.

Chapter 1: Unveil the Magic of Costa Rica
Dates: 6th-9th December

Welcome to the cradle of Costa Rica’s enchanting dry forest. Our inaugural destination envelops us in sensory richness—from the distant calls of howler monkeys to the vibrant tapestry of flora, and the indulgence of locally-sourced cuisine. Mornings will see us zip-lining and canyon tubing to jump-start our pulses, while afternoons offer leisure for hikes, hot spring soaks, or deep reflection. And what’s a day without yoga amid these tropical vistas?

Chapter 2: Reflection and Exploration in Paradise
Dates: 9th-12th December

Prepare to be wowed by our next setting—an architectural marvel that holds surprises at every corner. This chapter is all about inner exploration and collective growth. Between a private yoga session in an awe-inspiring space and free time to soak in the ambiance, reflection is our cornerstone. We’ll also mix things up with a fun surf lesson as we head towards the coast and marvel at the natural wonder that is ‘Whale’s Tail Beach.’

Chapter 3: Community and Integration in Santa Teresa
Dates: 12th-15th December

Welcome to Santa Teresa, where we’ll immerse ourselves in the Pura Vida lifestyle! Discover why this enchanting locale is one of the world’s five Blue Zones, where people live exceptionally long lives. Enjoy community dinners, soulful horseback riding on the beach, and a final surprise that epitomises our transformative journey.

Investment and Value

Price: £4500 for solo travellers and £4200 for friends sharing a room.
Payment Plan £250 non-refundable registration fee, followed by a 50% deposit and full payment by September 30th.

What’s Included?
– 10 days/10 nights of luxury accommodations
– All in-country transportation
– All activities as per itinerary
– Daily breakfast, 1 sumptuous lunch, and 8 intimate dinners
– A gift basket of local goods to enjoy during your stay

What’s Not Included?
– International airfare
– Additional meals and drinks
– Travel insurance (mandatory)
– Personal expenses such as souvenirs, additional tours

Ready to Embrace the Pure Life?

Don’t just travel—transform. The Pura Vida Adventure Retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a pathway to a new way of living. If you’re ready to reconnect with your essence and discover the pure joy of existence, visit our website to secure your spot on this life-changing adventure.




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