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Nestled between Nelson and Blenheim, atop a mountain with panoramic vistas, Peak View Retreat is a sanctuary like no other. Designed by architects to maximise 360-degree views, the property commands breathtaking scenes from the Richmond Ranges to the Abel Tasman National Park. An expansive 88-ha estate envelops you in native bush, providing solitude and abundant natural beauty. This retreat isn’t just a place; it’s an experience deeply committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

As you climb the 5km gravel drive, a hushed reverence comes over you. The air seems cleaner, and the sounds of nature louder. Peak View is the epitome of eco-luxury, awarded among the Top 10 in the 2022 Bach of the Year Awards Awards. Let the sunrise over the Richmond Ranges rejuvenate you or soak in the wood-fired hot tub under the stars, surrounded by untouched wilderness. This seclusion offers an intimate connection to nature while pampering you with high-end amenities.

Within the retreat, the attention to detail is unmistakable. Two expansive bedroom suites with a private ensuite featuring extra-long bathtubs are the epitome of comfort. In the living areas, cosy nooks and large couches invite relaxation. Yet, what stands out is Peak View’s commitment to sustainability. The retreat champions the Maori principle of Kaitiakitanga, a commitment to guardianship and conservation of the natural world. Almost 80% of the estate is regenerating native bush, and the property has an ongoing program to eliminate invasive species and pests. Over 1,500 native trees were planted in just one season, signalling their commitment to re-wilding and biodiversity.

Energy consumption is actively monitored and reduced. The retreat walks the talk on sustainability, from double-glazed windows for passive heating to an energy-efficient wood fireplace and LED lights. Even the hot tub is wood-fired, employing sustainable lumber from the estate. The water supply is carefully managed through rainwater harvesting, stored in large 25,000-liter tanks to maximise self-sufficiency.

Not just environmentally conscious, Peak View also emphasises ethical consumerism. Expect to find 100% organic GOTS certified linens in your suite. Cleaning and toiletries are sourced responsibly, in bulk, to minimise plastic waste. Food waste? Composted or fed to chickens. Even the coffee beans are local, fair trade, and freshly roasted. Every detail here is thoughtfully curated for guest comfort and to honour and protect the world around us.

Situated perfectly to explore the Nelson, Tasman, and Marlborough regions, you can engage in hiking, visit local artists, explore wineries, or take a trip to Abel Tasman National Park. And if you’re an adventure enthusiast, the retreat is close to Cable Bay, Nelson’s adventure destination. Yet, the retreat offers more than a luxurious stay; it’s an education in sustainable living, a model of how luxury and ecological mindfulness can co-exist in splendid harmony.

Peak View is more than a five-star retreat; it’s a philosophy, a commitment to the symbiotic relationship we can have with our natural world. Here, you don’t just stay; you belong. You are not just a visitor but a participant in a grander scheme of things: a sustainable future. Welcome to Peak View Retreat, where luxury meets sustainability, setting a new standard for eco-conscious travel.





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