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Kantabile Afrika, Aurari Camp

Serengeti, Tanzania

Welcome to The Aurari Camp at Kantabile Africa, an immersive escape into the breathtaking wilderness of the African savannah, where harmony, flow, and balance seamlessly intertwine. Derived from ‘Cantabile,’ a musical term exuding the spirit of song-like harmony, our name perfectly encapsulates the harmonious interplay of all elements at our camps.

From the moment you step onto our grounds, we guide you towards a slower, more meditative pace, inviting you to connect and align with the rhythm of nature. Each detail of our luxurious stay echoes a legado, or legacy, of connectedness that binds the elements of the enchanting surroundings, tasteful furnishing & decor, personalised service, exquisite food, and the warmth of the people who welcome you.

At Kantabile Afrika, the paradox of measuredness and flexibility sings a beautiful tune. Through a carefully measured approach, we provide our guests with the flexibility and freedom to experience the essence of Tanzania, all while wrapped in the highest level of comfort. This commitment to comfort is paramount, as we believe the most profound experiences flourish in a setting that feels like home.

Our Aurari Camp mirrors this ethos, creating a home in the bush where modern conveniences are not the focus, but rather a secondary compliment to a regenerative journey. Imagine dwelling amid the African savannah, frolicking in the water, and finding tranquillity and wisdom in the music of nature, rather than in the hum of an in-room minibar.

Our spacious tented suites, each offering 50 square meters of interior living space, guarantee absolute comfort. Sink into your king-size bed with a sprawling view of nature’s theatre right in front of your eyes. Sip a G&T on your private veranda, as migrating wildebeest and zebras parade mere feet away. These interactions will morph into cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Situated in the northern Serengeti National Park along the Kenyan border, Aurari Camp is a sanctuary from the bustle, a gateway to pure, untamed nature. Here, the Great Wildebeest Migration, one of the world’s most magnificent wildlife migrations, plays out right in front of your tent.

Revel in the enchantment of the wilderness from the comforts of your luxurious suite. Connect with the vibrant wildlife on exciting excursions, indulging in the timeless beauty of the Serengeti. Experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of millions of grazing animals embarking on their epic journey.

A stay at Aurari Camp is a soulful experience that words often fail to capture. Our hope is for you to immerse yourself fully, listen to the music of nature, savour each moment, and begin your regenerative travel journey with us. We invite you to honour the place you visit, to feel its pulse, to sense its song, and to let it change you, as it has changed us. Let Kantabile Afrika be the stage for your unforgettable African symphony.

Come, join our melody, and experience the flow at Kantabile Afrika, where every impression transforms into a harmonious narrative that only your senses can write.





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