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Award Winning, Eco-friendly, Wild Luxury in Bali.

Imagine waking up to the harmonious trills of exotic birds, the soothing cadence of a distant waterfall, and the rustle of leaves gently swaying in the morning breeze. The melody is real, the peace is palpable, and the experience is authentically Balinese. Welcome to Bali Eco Stay, a hidden gem located in the lush, soul-nourishing environment of the Balinese Jungle. Far removed from the incessant hustle and clamor of city life, this is an eco-sanctuary that offers you the priceless gift of reconnection—with nature, with your loved ones, and most importantly, with yourself.

Located at the base of the majestic Mt. Batukaru, Bali Eco Stay is an oasis enveloped by rice fields, ancient forests, and intricate terraces sculpted by the hands of generations. Authenticity runs through the veins of this sanctuary; from the moment you step onto the property, you’ll be entranced by the ancient temples, charming local villages, and the intricate dance of Balinese customs that have been preserved and honoured here.

As you find solace in your hand-crafted rice water bungalow, you’ll be enveloped by the embrace of Mother Earth in her most pristine form. All you hear are the songs of the jungle, the whispered secrets of the wind, and the ever-present murmur of the adjacent waterfall. It’s an acoustical feast that acts as a natural balm for city-wearied souls.

What sets Bali Eco Stay apart, apart from its undeniable natural beauty, is its unswerving commitment to eco-responsibility. Sustainability is not an afterthought here; it is ingrained into the very fabric of your experience. From the food that graces your plate to the shower gel that nurtures your skin, everything is organically sourced, eco-friendly, and locally produced. The ingredients for your meals are grown right on the property, harvested fresh and prepared to nourish not just your body, but your soul. Even the water is a testament to purity, sourced directly from nearby springs and meticulously filtered to ensure it meets the highest standards.

The eco-credentials of Bali Eco Stay extend beyond the material. Here, luxury is defined by the quality of your experiences, rather than the opulence of your surroundings. While you will find all the comforts of a high-end resort, it’s the intangibles that make your stay unforgettable. It’s the quiet joy of plucking your own fruits from the property’s organic gardens, the heartwarming sight of local children playing traditional Balinese games, and the surreal serenity of practicing yoga to the backdrop of one of the most stunning sunrises you’ll ever witness.

So, if you’re seeking an escape, a return to authenticity, and a chance to realign with the elements, Bali Eco Stay awaits you. It’s a place where every aspect of your stay is infused with respect—for the environment, for local culture, and for you. Here, you don’t just visit; you belong. You become part of a harmonious cycle of life and land, benefiting from the earth even as you give back to it. And when you finally close your eyes each night, lulled by the symphony of a world untouched by modern chaos, you’ll realise that the greatest luxury on earth is rediscovering the natural harmony of being truly, deeply, unapologetically alive.




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