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Welcome to Oculus Travel, your boutique travel curatorship based in Manhattan. Here, you embark on bespoke African adventures that create cherished memories and leave a lasting positive impact. Your guide through this transformative journey is Gayle Higginbotham, who blends the allure of traditional travel with a strong emphasis on conservation and regenerative tourism.

Born and raised in the heart of South Africa, Gayle developed an innate connection to the continent’s unique allure and complex beauty. Over the years, while working in the broadcast media industry, she explored Africa extensively, cultivating relationships with a broad network of experts across the continent. Her passion for travel and conservation sparked the idea for Oculus Travel – an opportunity to share Africa’s captivating beauty with the world and help preserve it for future generations.

Gayle designs every itinerary at Oculus Travel through careful consideration and insightful discussions. Going beyond the ordinary, she strives to understand your personal vision for the perfect African adventure. With her accomplished network of trusted, in-territory experts, she ensures that every part of your trip aligns with your vision, contributing to the sustainability and welfare of the local communities and ecosystems.

The concept of “seeing” inspires Oculus Travel’s deeply personalised approach. Your dreams, preferences, and passions lay the foundation for an itinerary that brings your travel aspirations to life. Throughout your journey, Gayle prioritises your care, comfort, and safety, allowing you to immerse yourself in the adventure while she takes care of the details.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Oculus Travel. Gayle partners only with properties and service providers who prioritise environmental conservation and local community development, ensuring that every visit enhances the well-being of the local communities and environment. Every partner and every element of your journey is meticulously vetted, as she leaves no stone unturned in her mission to ensure your experience is impeccable, memorable, and beneficial to the communities and ecosystems visited.

As an Oculus traveler, you embark on more than just a holiday. Every encounter with the magnificent “Big Five”, each awe-inspiring whale sighting, and every trek through the wild gorillas contributes to supporting and preserving these precious ecosystems. Oculus Travel combines your love for travel with your passion for making a difference, paving the way for a new era of meaningful, regenerative tourism.

Gayle’s life has been a fascinating expedition through diverse cultures and experiences, shaping her unique perspective on travel. With Oculus Travel, she invites you to share in the transformative impact of travel, to explore Africa’s enchanting beauty, and to support its conservation. Whether it’s the open savannah, dense forests, undulating deserts, white beaches, or rugged coastlines that call to you, Oculus Travel is your gateway to curating an unforgettable African adventure that truly makes a difference. Together, let’s make travel meaningful, sustainable, and extraordinary.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation. We’d love to help you plan your ultra-lux regenerative adventure to Africa.




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